The Value of Hope

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Do you wake in the morning with a thought on your mind that could change your day?  Mine, this morning, was that of hope.  It’s been a difficult few weeks, but each morning waking with the distinct promise of a new day with new opportunities provides a reason to get started.

Many people lose hope and even those of us who are positive, inspired and motivational to our friends, have days when hope seems to be illusive.  Those days are hard to navigate and can leave us feeling less than optimistic.

But why do we lose hope at times?  Human nature and sometimes it’s just we get tired. That is when we need to stop and look at how far we’ve come in this journey of life.

Those of us working online and from home have a different mindset than someone working a standard job.  We are our own support, cheerleaders, and boss.  We carry a lot of responsibility for the success of our endeavors.  Sometimes we become too focused on success and fail to look at the bigger picture.

Where were you a few months ago?  What about a year ago?  How far have you traveled thus far?  Look back at those steps and realize how truly amazing you are.

Hope is like faith…it’s believing in the possibilities, the things you can’t see.  It’s the ability to share this hope and inspiration with others who may be struggling.  

Nothing is forever.  Give yourself some time to rebound, to bring your hope and faith back. Take the time to take a break. Stop trying so hard and enjoy the moments you are given each day.  Spend time with your family and friends, and most of all engage in some activities that bring you joy and contentment.

We all need to remember that without hope and a forward thinking attitude, we will get stuck in negative thinking.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Rest, relax, regroup.  Be grateful for each blessing and step of progress.  Today is a new day and you can feel the hope and promise of the possibilities!