Is The Proof in the Pudding (Social)

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Social Proof…what is social proof to you?  I’ve asked this question this morning and no replies.  I’ve asked about how important a BBB rating and accreditation is to you, and no replies.  This amuses me that no one wants to engage on this question.  Are we not here building businesses with social proof as part of our marketing strategies?


We are network marketers…no matter the type of business you are building or promoting, you have to network with other people to reach success.  You have to show some kind of proof to engage people into conversation.  How are you doing that?  What is important to your audience?

Attraction marketing is an age-old method of building up a brand and engaging a market.  You have to have something to show to that market to bring them to you.  You have to provide something of value, and often it is in the social proof that your audience offers to you regarding your business or product.


Without social proof, where do you stand?  It’s not rocket science but extremely elusive to many who are struggling in this profession.  Building the “company” brand does not help you.  Every one and his brother knows about “your” business and will quickly skim past your promotions and marketing strategies UNLESS you are attracting people to you, yourself.

You are the immediate entry point for your audience.  Build that audience to follow you, not the product, service or business.  Be the brand that people want and need.

Selling, marketing, building teams, and engaging audiences are daily activities for every network marketer out there…but if you focus on the “sales” aspect, you are going to find yourself beating your head against a wall in a short period of time.

Change your methods and build your brand, you, yourself.  Show social proof by engaging your audience into your content and allowing them to build the proof you need.  You just need to be offering valuable content.  Ready?  Dig in and make it happen.