I Am Not Listening (But Tell Me Anyway)

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I Am Not Listening (But Tell Me Anyway) – by Shonique Benu

A labor of love and cooperation has been completed and published.  My dear friend, Author Shonique Benu, has written a loving book that reaches people of all ages.  Today it is published on Amazon with a perfect promotion for the holidays. No cost downloads to all because this is a book that truly needs to be read and shared with your family and friends.  You can get a copy here http://goo.gl/gs5h69

How The Book Came About

Many of us have struggled or continue to struggle with things from the past that continue into the present.  Shonique had an idea in which she could speak to many people through her words in this book.

The chapters are letters…letters about peer pressure, disappointment, abuse, love, respect, failure, special days…there are 30 letters that will speak to your heart, to your child, to your friend … to those you love.  

We came together as a group to put these letters together in a book form.  We had angels who contributed ideas, photographs, notes, and their amazing love and support.

My task was small yet instrumental in compiling all the pieces into its finished format.  Although many of you know me as a content creator, I am not a storyteller.  My part in this journey was as an editor and book design manager.  

The journey of putting this book together with ShoNique has been the most exciting process.  

When You Need a Hug

Yes, this book provides virtual hugs, smiles, and an understanding of where you’ve been and where you’re going. Today, we offer you this amazing work without cost as our hope is to give it to as many people as possible before the end of the year.

Please support us by downloading a copy and letting others know about I Am Not Listening (But Tell Me Anyway)

ShoNique describes the book this way:

In a world of non stop information we all want to scream… I AM NOT LISTENING (but tell me anyway) at some point in our day.  With information over load we often shut down, fearing yet the newest onslaught to our fragile inner selves.  

Sometimes we just need a friend beside us, someone that gently reminds us of our own personal power.  This book is geared toward the adolescent years yet is equally applicable to persons of all ages navigating this busy world of today.
30 days of love letters, beginning our days with a loving conversation soul to soul.  
I Am Not Listening (but tell me anyway) attempts to love you, visit with you and be by your side while discussing important topics we rarely seem to find the time to really talk about. “
Thank you to everyone for all your support and encouragement.  We are truly blessed to be able to share this book with you and hope you will find it special enough to share.  Go to Amazon (http://goo.gl/gs5h69 ) and download your copy today.