Portfolio Categories: Short Story.

The startling cry of the hawk woke Marissa from the deepest sleep she’d had in weeks. “Why today of all days?” she murmured through her sleep filled voice.

Slowly Marissa edged off the bed. As her warm feet hit what should of been the coziness of the carpet, there was nothing.

Nothingness that pulled her deeper into the abyss of darkness that enveloped her spinning mind. Where was she? What was this? She struggled to swim up through the black void that had captured her, but couldn’t find which way was up.

Like Alice in Wonderland, she slid further and further along the tunnel until all went quiet and serene. “Am I dead?” She wondered, though the words echoed only in her head. Her head which was now pounding with pain.

“It hurts so bad…that means I’m not dead,” the thoughts raced through her consciousness. The darkness seemed slowly to be lit by a candle…a soft glow in the distance.

She heard voices but couldn’t make them out. Were they real? She strained to hear what were only whispers…”Marissa? Marissa?” “Can you hear me?” The voice closest grew louder as her eyes slowly fluttered open…the brightness blinded her temporarily. But the insistent voice told her to wake up. “Was this all a dream?” she wondered.

The wall of white in front of her, the soothing voice that urged her to wake up, the brightness that besieged her eyes…realization began to seep in…a hospital. A doctor…

“Marissa, listen to me, you’ve had a stroke. We got it in time and you’re going to be fine. Can you hear me?”